Saturday 25 January 2014

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I am the reverend O J Kemimariah
From the democtrotic Republic Isaiah
My father the Severn star General
Of the Army of Bugeria
Left you a sum of money in good faith
And was trying to ship the largente
Keeping pace
From the beach when
He couldn't reach for his phone
Did he own
And left it my task to contact
Just reply as soon as is necessary
Your smallest contract
With your bank details
And passwords for us to
Retail the bail
Transfer the sum of 30,000,000
U.S. currency to your account for you
Want to deal with me
And disseminate to Goodyear causes.
Your mostest friend and lost brother O J

Ps please reply to my friendly email as I couldn't get to a computer in my war torn desperate shitpit of a country looking to chop hands from the children and ask them to myrder their friends if they don't comply, I am a murderer, a rapist and will burn your grandmother for 10 U.S. It's just a bit easier to do this but m afraid im just a rotten turd on this earth and won't be successful this time. Please kill me.


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