Saturday 13 October 2012

Built Up

Where with all
The righteous cash
Holders and all
The mightier
Waters splashed folders
Through your
Kids last test cast
And oranges
Half time games passed
I've never seen
You run fast and never
Seen the shard
lean to heaven at last.


Sorry I haven't bEen on for a while but I feel that must now this space....!Z

The Parlotones Birmingham Last Night


Not much said, but the feather led
The birmingham scroungers
So we are well fed
There's brown town reminders
And carnival sheds
To the hard pumping music
Your Amplified heads
And german fat sausage
And all the accusers
Remind me of uses
The lichfield excuses
A cause for exec
The friendship extends
those you didn't see
But saw the gold rand
Then those of the sea
A wide golden, frond
A silver boy glee
A voice on tv.
A trance and a wand
free slides on the beach
You imagine the Arena
A green screaming screech
You imagine the stalls
There's no challenge otherwise
You originate the call
Muscle, keyboard and stiles
Makeup and jerk
Tattoo, blue telecaster,
Fruitful colour surprise
Your imaginary raster.
The stellar comprised
Of the fun tiny mind
Selfish disguise
So fulsome and kind.