Sunday 19 February 2012

Get the Drift

At home with kids
Son snoring bids
Farewell to the wife
Gone to work
To help life
With some nights
In a home
Wiping ass
Old dying clones
I feel bad
Here with my lad
All snuggled in bed
The other asleep
In his own room
Won't wake for a boom
Oh telly is now off
Just the sound of the house
And my beautiful boys
And a little green mouse
The little green mouse?
Has stopped talking
The little green mouse
Has stopped shrieking
The little green mouse
Better keep shtum
Shut up, be quiet
Please right now!
Sick of the constant
Demands for
Non idle hands and
Beer and cream cheese
And plenty of these...
Kick him off the bed
he's not welcome tonight
As he slopes
Of to party
I can hear its
Just started
I can just see his
Hole in the wall
A small glow
down the hall
And a swirl of
White lights
From his DJ disco ball.....