Saturday 12 January 2013

The big baggers slapper...

The great big baggers slapper
A young maid in concessions
She was neither clean
Nor was she refreshing
Smelled of stale perfume and lipsticks 
Turkish showers, constricted sweat
Red face and orange mastic 
Previous dated purchase spent
She took the slap our of her bag
A ladies make up artist
could convert it into swag
Wax on, wax off
To become a desirable wag
Slap it on suck it off
She was just a bit of a slag
No word of a lie, 
Just an arrogant punk
Thrust a little pink eye fish
With his high velocity trunks
He took 'big baggers slapper'
Into the gents cubicle crapper
Flushed his chain and
then he snapped her
shared with friends 
And then dumped her cos
The dirty slapper shagger
Bagged the Biggest baggers 
Pink fish slapper in the west