Thursday 24 March 2011

Wave of Dignity

A warning over transmitted waves
We have been taught once before
The power of mother natures ways
Not once, or twice but many more
Quakes make a drop in the ocean
Shifting water when pressures raised
When the Japanese shook with emotion
They waited and submitted names
Old fears of nuclear fission
After seeing the coast swept away
They make it their primary mission
To clean up dignified each day
No matter what ever it has cost
Respect to each other and law
They cast love to those they have lost
Helping spirits close many dead doors.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Dirty Date (Pornographer Poetry Series)

Dirty Date

Hey would you like to go
For a drink with me
If you say yes
Here's what I see
I'll look at your neck
I'll glance at your bum
You won't know
that was done

I will notice your nipples
When they are stiff
I'll get an erection
When I get a whiff
Of your perfume
Mingled with your body
You won't notice this.

Your boobs are amazing
I wish I could touch
And your luscious lips
I like very much
You said yes and why not
To a drink or such
I must honestly admit
I felt rather butch...

Oh I really want you hot
So after a few drinks
I really want what not
We go back to your house
Maybe a snog methinks
Some coffee anticipation
To settle and suck face
With natural perspiration

Then I decide to try a thigh
Then your back and tight belly
Not venturing too high
I go around, turn to jelly
The side of your boob,
Oh weighty, oh so firm
Don't think we'll need the lube
My hard on gives a squirm
So I hold and cup and neade
Ahoy! another a stern
Then I try down south and squeeze
Your crotch, that feels real warm
What a turn on what a wheeze

Change, return to tits and arms....
Then at last you make a grab for it
Through my jeans a naïve touch
You rub my stiffy dick
You grip and hold my packet
Oh where did I leave my jacket?
Now plunging down below
Into pants and hairs and holes
All squishy and rather tight then.....

You pull my cock right out!
With a murmur and a shiver
You then cum on top of my finger
With all a shivering and quiver
So now I'm not really embarrassed
When my penis starts to feel harassed
And I squidge a tidy packet
All up your arm and sleeve
Narrowly missing aforesaid jacket
And I cannot quite believe
When you lick it up and lap it

But we agree to meet again
As its getting rather late
And we will definitely shag
And we'll have a suck & lick
So I scratch my empty bag
After licking your wet lips
Then I'll stick a dick in it
The next time that we date
The next time we do coffee
She said I taste of toffee...
Yes we'll have another date
as its getting rather late....

Thursday 3 March 2011

Seat of Leadership

Yes the seat of leaders
Yes the stupid bleeders
Rich, tall and privileged
All terribly civilised
But let's not forget
The lies and regrets
That walked corridors
And made up the law
Keeping us down
To prop up the clowns.


...Or hate this is a difficult question, I think it is more easily answered with apathy.



Wednesday 2 March 2011



Waiting for the men
Who will show up when
They need to sound like then
When Ian stood in front of them
I'm lucky in the fact that I'm helping
With the vans and roadies for the night
So I will hear the rhythm stick
I will see him stumble and fight
bang on the floor once more
and the mighty walking tick,
If only to imagine for sure,
that he was still around
to hear a present spirit
where no other can be found,
clickety clack stack of the little man
whose back from the big land of verse
He was almost christened Stan
through the sublime city of words.

Fell in Together

We fell in together
and brushed off the world
Cos I'd found my girl
in a pub called 'The Earl'
I'd come from the Midlands,
a dirty old mirror
From industrial beginnings,
or a pearl, a pearl in an ocean,
And the salt of the earth
I'd come from the Midlands
I'd fought off my nerves,
From a difficult birth
To fall into a new life with
With my travel trunk and her.

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