Monday 22 February 2021

Now Everywhere! 'Episode' 1

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Thursday 18 February 2021


Picture this - dog standing on a roof, paint brush in hand, pipe in mouth, lady with tight shorts on ladder handing him his collar, poo bags in back pocket.

Wednesday 17 February 2021

CROW Experimental Rock and Blues Track - Garage Band Recording - me on Guitars - Blackstar Amp Direct to I-phone Recording - Hope you like. CROW



When it is time to stop
When it is Redinculius
Ceasar says stop
Carry on...

My experimental version of the superb song (not mine) and writing from The Jam on Down in the Tube Station @ Midnight. Click link here - Down in The Tubestation

Nightowl - sounds by zj

click on the link to listen to at my soundcloud site NightOWl