Wednesday 22 December 2010

Seasonal Danger Verse

Christmas time in the countryside
Snow in the fields, trees
Farms, cottages, park slides
Yellow snow at the bus stop
Behind the telephone box
A yuletide log covered up
All over the pavement and doors
Watch out where you sing your carols
There is yellow snow on the floor
The Festive rise amongst us
above the reeling roars....

Monday 20 December 2010

Driving Under the Influence

Fell asleep while at the mobile phone, woke up with a truck on my head, quite dead, plenty of claret...

London Cabbies

Just a couple of points...

- you have your own lane, don't get arsey when you can't get out of it.
- that's fine, just do a u turn from a stand still kerb position right in front of me, I don't mind at all.
- just stop there, don't worry, I will wait.
- toot your horn charitably whenever someone doesn't know the road layout as well as you.
- never rush anywhere with a client on board.
- if you don't have a client, drive like a looney and expect everyone else to let you out of a junction, in and get out of the way.
- I'm already on the island so when I indicate and exit correctly don't get irate when I cut you up because you are trying to get up the inside of me after only just joining the island thinking your the salt of the earth, god given right, cockney sparrer twat.
- another parked car in your bus and taxi lane? Tough Shit......