Saturday 25 January 2014


Every day I see you
I have to look away
Your so fucking ugly
Eyes try to run away
They roll and sting and water
Say they'll never see again
Cos your so bloody putrid
I've had to change my name.


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Thursday 4 July 2013

Ned the Red Bed Thief Died

There's a thief in the bed
Who painted it red
Dropped down quite dead
He was called Ned.

Render Mon

Zebidee Jones (@zebideejones) tweeted at 11:45pm - 4 Jul 13:

Render me breathless
Intuitively restless
Remind me of generous
Hazel eyes heaven express. 

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Monday 3 June 2013

You know?

Ye men over here
Ye women over there
Why shame yourselves with cloth
Remove your daubs and
Hug each other for those
That can live and let love

You know me?

Ye men over here 
Ye women over there 
Return your alcohol tears
Remove your eyes
Remove your hair
And stab your victims clear

You know me?

Ye men over here 
Ye women over there 
Lets swim in sand by the pier
Your slicing knife said sorry to your wife
To me your end is near.

You know me now?

Remain near me, but i will see
Nothing of the velvet
You cleaned him with and 
Covered with him
Please put away my helmet

You all know me now....?

Saturday 25 May 2013

Drunken Bust

Drunken Bust

Drunken bust
Of stereo
Twins that must
Remind you so
Of trickling water
Tally ho
So it must end
In glittered bars
Rev me up
My petrol car... 

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Sea gull. Afterthought @zebideejones

@zebideejones: Picture this... a seagull standing proud, one foot on a battered cod, tattoos, chest puffed up, a hunters proud moment, chipshop, onlookers.

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Saturday 6 April 2013

Errant Chap

There is an errant chap
Who races here
And races there
He doesn't sweat
and he doesn't flap
Just chunters along
On a rata tap tapa chat cat
Typewriting left
Typewriting right
Isn't very fat
He's ever so slight
With the energy of 5 children
caffeine speed freak all night
But he doesn't ever fret
And he doesn't ever flap
Just bundles along
On a rata tap tapa
rata chat slap dap
tappa Lap Nap
Wonders why he's been here
Before with a hat on
Just 1 fleeting thought
One of over a million
As he processes his seconds
That he rules like his minions
A drop in his time
Only one out of billions.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Mr Babof

Oh mr babof
Why dont we fly off
Why dont we fall along the edge
Of a cloud inside your liver, oh mr babof

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Neon J

A portrait of my son
The second one
An image of me
And my family

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Sunday 17 March 2013

Blue Ribbons

Blue Ribbons

I accept that your blue ribbon
Falls across your neck
Blue snakes coiled and
Platted through your long grass
Your chest undulates once
As though the subsidence
Fell to order via a female
Sergeant Major, 'drop, halt'
Drilling your chest and
Slipping her drill baton
Beyond the displacement
Of earth and into your natural
Ditch, lucky bitch, swollen
Bloody pitch of bramble
Trail your ribbons once again
Snake your way through sex
Rub your shambles
Slip through your ditch
The land below your neck.

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